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Magazines and Paper Goods

The key to preserving your magazines and paper goods is all in the storage. By simply investing in the right BAGS, BOARDS AND BOXES and insure the proper storage and handling. And remember just because you have stored and preserved your collection, doesn't mean you can't enjoy your items. In fact by taking the proper steps to preserve you will enjoy your collection for many years to come.

Magazines and rare paper goods can be easily damaged. Most dealers and collectors hesitate to let anyone personally handle their collection. Remember, the slightest crease or tear could affect the condition/rating of the piece from Mint to Near Mint or even a lower grading standard.

The following tips are suggested for proper storage and handling:


  • Magazines and paper goods should be protected from the elements as well as the dangers of light, heat, and humidity. This can easily be achieved with proper storage materials such as Mylar type "D" sleeves, acid-free boards and boxes. Polypropylene and polyethylene bags, while safe for temporary storage, should be changed every three to five years. Improper storage methods will be detrimental to the "health" of your collection, and may even quicken its deterioration. These come in all sizes so finding the exact size that you require should not be difficult.
  • Store your collection away from direct light sources, especially florescent, which contain high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV lights are like sunlight, and will quickly fade the cover inks. Remember, exposure to light accumulates damage, so store your collection in a cool, dark place away from windows.
  • Temperatures must also be carefully regulated. Fungus and mold thrives in higher temperatures, so the lower the temperature, the longer the life of your collection. Like UV, high relative humidity (RH) can also be damaging to paper. Maintaining a low and stable relative humidity, around 50%, is crucial; varying humidity will only damage your collection. Sulfuric dioxide, which can occur from automobile exhaust, will cause paper to turn yellow over a period of time. For this reason, it is best not to store your valuable magazines in a garage.
  • Magazines and paper goods are best stored vertically in boxes. Also, never store boxes directly on the floor; elevate them 6-10 inches to allow for flooding. Similarly, never store your collection directly against a wall, particularly an outside wall. Condensation and poor air circulation will encourage mold and fungus growth.


When handling your magazines or paper goods, wash your hands first, eliminating harmful oils from the skin before coming into contact with the item.

  • Remove the magazine or paper good from its protective sleeve or bag very carefully.
  • Gently lay on a relatively flat and secure location.
  • You can leaf through a magazine by rolling or flipping the pages slowly and with care. Be sure the magazine always remains relatively flat or slightly rolled.
  • Avoid creating stress points on the covers with your fingers and be particularly cautious in bending covers back too far.
  • After examining the item, carefully insert it back into the bag or protective sleeve. Watch corners and edges for folds or tears as you replace the book. Always keep tape completely away while inserting the magazine in the protective bag.

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