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Our Bio

Backstage Auctions, Inc. began in 2003 with the launch of our dedicated online auction site. Our passion for music, collecting and memorabilia was the driving force behind making our dream a reality.

As "kids from the 60s," we lived through the exciting days of Rock 'n Roll, Soul and Flower Power. Being teenagers in the 70s, we got our first real taste of memorabilia. Album jackets became more illusive, concert t-shirts were legitimate attire and no bedroom was complete without a KISS poster.

Having nearly 3 decades of collecting, trading and brokering memorabilia under our belt, we've experienced all the waves in the collectibles market. But arguably the biggest change was the introduction of the internet, which has opened so many doors for collectors and dealers around the world.

With the good comes the bad. Sadly, some of those doors were opened by bootleggers and copy-artists flooding the market with 'fake and forged' collectibles. Nowadays, it's hard to feel confident in purchasing collectibles because it's so hard to find auction houses that can 100% guarantee the authenticity of the piece. And when you do find a reputable auction house that will guarantee the purchase - you pay a heavy premium on top of the actual cost of the collectible you are purchasing.

So we asked ourselves, how can we stimulate the market, satisfy the buyer, and put the integrity back into the collectibles market? We feel confident that we have answered that question with Backstage Auctions, Inc.

In essence:

  • We create unique auction events featuring the private collections of musicians or those directly affiliated with the music industry (managers, producers, record company executives, promoters and so on). This means that each item offered will come to you first hand from its legitimate owner.
  • In some cases, notable auction items will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by the musician or industry professional.
  • We offer very attractive buyers premium rates, competitive shipping rates and no hidden fees.

The items we sell are all in our physical possession. At any given time, you can contact us with questions about a certain item. And unlike many of the other auction sites, we are happy to "walk in, pick it up" and give you any additional detail/ photo you may require.

In short, we want your experience with Backstage Auctions, Inc. to be pleasant, memorable and fun. Our goal is to restore the confidence, thrill and excitement in collecting rock and roll memorabilia. After all, nothing beats owning a cool collectible that comes directly from the private collection of your favorite band or musician.

Feel free to contact us with your questions, comments, suggestions or recommendations.

Jacques and Kelli van Gool

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