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Music Memorabilia Auctions

Closes December 07, 2014 at 2:00pm
or 10 minutes after the last bid

Megadeth Preview Auction Page
Megadeth - The Countdown To Extinction


On behalf of the entire Backstage Auctions Crew we would like to extend a huge Texas sized welcome to all MEGADETH fans and collectors around the world! After weeks of building excitement and suspense, the AUCTION PREVIEW is finally LIVE!!

In all there are 234 auction lots with everything from GUITARS, AMPS, CABINETS, ROAD CASES and STAGE BANNERS, to Dave Mustaine's personally worn shirts and used guitar strings.  Oh and of course every single auction lot will come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Dave that ROCKS!

You can BROWSE the auction several ways, auction lots can be VIEWED BY selecting either PRIMARY CATEGORY, TYPE OF COLLECTIBLE OR DECADE all of which can be found on the UPPER LEFT SIDE of this page.

The AUCTION PREVIEW will last a full week and will give you plenty of time to browse the auction catalog, start TRACKING items in your MY VIP area and most importantly, get any questions you might have out-of-the-way. We realize that we will have a very large number of Megadeth fans and collectors coming in from every continent...and we welcome ALL OF YOU! There is a large South-American contingency, an equally large European show of force, with plenty of others coming from Asia, Australia and Africa. If calling us might be a challenge due to the time difference or language barrier, please feel free to contact us via email.

As you will see, this auction hosts quite a bit of gear, equipment and instruments, some of which that might be large and heavy. All of the Megadeth inventory currently resides here in Texas and all shipping will be done from our location. Anything that is over-sized, such as any of the 21 road cases for example, can only be shipped through special freight carriers. With that in mind, we encourage you to contact Backstage Auctions during this preview week to discuss shipping quotes and shipping methods. For large and/ or heavy items we will allow local pick-ups.

We also ask you to familiarize yourself with our general auction rules including bidding and our policies, all of which is summarized below under the Information & Helpful Hints. If you are into reading all the nuts and bolts, you will find plenty to read under the RESOURCES tab.

So what are you waiting for...start feasting your eyes on all the historical pieces of Megadeth touring and recording memorabilia! 

Bid Hard ~ Bid to Win 

Good Luck!


*BIDDING START TIME: The auction will go LIVE and be OPEN for bidding Monday, December 1st at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (New York City).

*REGISTRATION: If you are not already REGISTERED, please sign up early (to get that part of the administration out of the way). Once you have completed the registration you will receive a password via email in order for you to "log in" for the first time. If you do not receive your Registration Confirmation Email, first check your "Junk or Spam Folder" and if you still didn't receive it, please contact us and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you. Now, once you have logged in you can change your password to something that you will better remember by simply going to the "My Account". We also recommend that you take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the AUCTION RULES section, which can be found under the "RESOURCES" tab on our site. This section will help you understand all of the "mechanics" of how our auctions operate, i.e. buyers premium, payment options and shipping.

*VIEWING LOTS: You can locate and view auction items by utilizing the CATEGORIES listed directly in the upper left frame of this page. Items can be accessed and viewed by selecting either PRIMARY ARTIST CATEGORY, TYPE OF ITEM OR DECADE.  There may be items that are listed in several categories, so we recommend utilizing the AUCTION SEARCH function which can be found in the right frame of each auction page. The AUCTION SEARCH function will help you find pieces related to a specific band or musician or finding a lot by the lot number.

*MY VIP ACCESS:  You can  manage all of your  bidding and tracking activity in your MY VIP section. Once you have successfully logged in with your VIP Credentials (user name and password), placed your bids or simply identified items to track you can click on the MY VIP laminate to view updates on those lots of interest. Unlike most online auctions, there is no need to refresh your browser to see the most recent activity on a lot you are watching or even bidding on.
  • The MY VIP page updates automatically every few seconds, so just sit back and keep an eye on the numbers. And "yes"'s faster than you clicking the refresh button in your browser.
  • When you are outbid on an item, a sound will alert you and the item will be highlighted for a short amount of time.
  •  The MY VIP section allows you to track items, bid on items you are tracking, increase your bids or even increase your max bids and will automatically update all of your personal auction activity.
  • Once you have identified all the items you want to track and bid, the rest is easy and best of all you won't have to waste time digging through the site just to place a bid...just sit back and enjoy the ride!   
*TRANSLATION:  If you need assistance in translating any information contained in a listing or on our website, there are many services out on the web that can assist you. We strongly encourage using a reliable translator service. If at anytime you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

It simply doesn't get any easier than that!

*AUCTION CLOSE PROCESS On Sunday, December 7th the auction close process will begin.  What this means is that  EVERY AUCTION LOT will REMAIN OPEN (even after the official 2:00 PM EST close process begins) for periods of 10 minutes until such time that no additional online, phone or fax bids are placed on ANY LOT IN THE AUCTION.  Our auctions are NOT like eBay - there is not a hard close on individual auction items.  The entire auction will remain OPEN for several hours after the countdown begins.

: Our auctions will typically continue past the close time for several hours. Take advantage of placing your maximum bids or changing your existing maximum bid on the items you are interested in and keep an eye on those items as the auction begins to close as it will NOT CLOSE IMMEDIATELY at 2:00 pm EST.  For more information and assistance on how our "Auction End" process works, please see our Auction Rules located in the "Resources" tab on our site. Alternatively, give us a call and one of our crew members will be happy to walk you through how the close process works.

*AFTER THE AUCTION CLOSES: All winning bidders will receive an immediate email confirmation of the items they won when the auction officially closes. Final invoices (including shipping costs) will be sent out within 72 hours or by close of business Thursday. For items that require special shipping services, a member of the Backstage Auctions crew will contact you directly to make special arrangements.

*UNSOLD AUCTION ITEMS: In the event that an item does not sell during the auction, our consignors may elect to place their items in the online store for direct purchase. The price of the auction lot will be adjusted to reflect an appropriate "buy it now" price and in most cases this means that the price will be higher than the opening bid price. There is no guarantee that any or all unsold item(s) will be made available after the auction ends.

As always, we aim to be as precise and complete as possible with our descriptions. That said, human error is always a possibility and we encourage you to ask questions and make inquiries on any piece that you are interested in prior to placing your bid. All auction descriptions ARE QUALIFIED STATEMENTS OF OPINION AND NOT REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES.

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